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Why to Fund AIFF?

The Arctic is home to multiple Indigenous peoples. It is also a hotspot for the development of the global economy due to climate change. The increased interest in the region requires that Arctic Indigenous people have the opportunity to make their voices heard.

Arctic communities are suffering from substantial effects of climate change in their everyday lives. Traditional ways of living are rapidly changing due to environmental shifts like landslides, erosion, permafrost thawing, and sea ice melting. In many places in the Arctic, mining, port construction, new sea routes, and building oil and gas pipelines are privatizing land and endangering the environment. The situation is emerging.

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Arctic Indigenous Film Fund directly impacts on everyday lives of the Indigenous communities in the Arctic.

We are capable of

  • providing a bridge between traditional knowledge and the academic world by training filmmakers in local communities
  • creating film and digital media business in the Arctic
  • bringing the rich Arctic storytelling tradition to a mainstream audience
  • working against climate change.

We must create livelihoods and opportunities for the younger generation in the creative field. Indigenous cinema represents freedom of expression and strengthens the rights of Indigenous peoples living in the Arctic.

Become a Part of Arctic Stories

AIFF has the power to bring Indigenous Arctic stories to the screen like never before. We particularly support productions that share knowledge about the Arctic environment and how climate change affects it and the people living in the area.

If you want to influence the state of the world, the most powerful way is to support Arctic development. Through this, you can become an active, tangible part of the work addressing climate change in the Arctic.

Donate below or learn more about the ways of funding AIFF.

Ways of Funding

When you support AIFF, you are directly supporting Indigenous filmmakers and the work against climate change.

There are several ways to get involved. You can choose to support
1) AIFF generally with a trust fund, that can be named after you, or 2) by funding a certain project.


The Trust Fund aims to secure the continuity of Indigenous film and media productions and AIFF. Our aim is to support growth and work for future generations with the donations. We will provide support to filmmakers by utilizing the returns on investments. You can have your name associated with the trust and follow the results achieved by the trust over the years.


There are also different types of projects that you can choose to fund. A project has a certain object and time limit. You can choose to support

  • a particular film production or series
  • workshops and training programs
  • film and digital labs
  • education and research projects

We always make a contract regarding the funding, and together we determine how the donation will be used. If you would like to learn some more, we are more than happy to hear from you!

Our Collaborators

We work with several organizations in the film industry. Join them today and become one of our partners!

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